PicWish AI Photo Editor: Details, Price, Features


Do you spend hours trying to edit your picture to perfection? Are you someone who enjoys enhancing pictures? We have an editing tool that you would fall in love with- meet PicWish. 

PicWish is an AI-run image editing platform that offers effortless enhancements with just a few clicks. It brings a simplified editing experience- no need to use complicated editing tools. 

In this article, we will look at all the details relating to PicWish. This will cover price, features, reviews, benefits, and a concise summary which will help you decide if PicWish is suitable for your editing needs. Come, let’s dive into the world of PicWish. 

Need for the Perfect Photo Editing Companion

Before providing details about the photo editing app, let’s look at why a great photo editing app is essential in today’s tech-savvy world. We need visually captivating photos that look amazing on social media websites- be it Instagram or Facebook. Although, it is not easy to achieve the “picture perfect” feat. That’s where PicWish will simplify your editing process and make your pics look better instantly.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer looking for ways to manage your workflow or an amateur desiring to beautify your snapshots, PicWish brings you great tools that will help you meet your editing needs instantly. 

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Features of PicWish 

PicWish has several features that enhance and transform your pictures efficiently. Some of them include:

Photo Enhancing:

It can automatically increase your image resolution for clearer and enhanced photographs. With this, your landscapes as well as personal photos will both look incredible! 

Background Removal:

It is irritating when 10/10 pictures have bad backgrounds. Worry no more as it can instantly removes backgrounds from pictures giving them smoother and healthier cuts. 

AI Background Designer:

You can employ AI backgrounds that can go with your pictures. The backgrounds can be realistic as well as custom using AI prompts. 

Image Retouch:

Imagine having a great picture except for a blemish here or there which spoils the whole look. You can remove those blemishes with our AI technology which is smart enough to keep the background intact.

White Background:

You can create clean white backgrounds to feature products in a crisper manner. Be it skincare cosmetics or intricate jewelry, use white backgrounds for an effortlessly pleasing get-up. 

AI Art Generation:

Have you ever had an awesome idea but did not know how to implement it? Use the PicWish AI generator to turn ideas into art instantly. 

Face Enhancer:

You can create attractive portraits by brightening images to make them alluring. 

AI Face Swap:

Have fun with our Face Swap which has pre-installed templates for genuine results. 

Photo Colourize:

Have antique B&W photos that you wish to add color to? Using colorizer, bring old images back to life. 

Image to Text:

Take out text from images using our image-to-text feature. 

How PicWish Works

PicWish has a user-friendly work mechanism. 

Let’s understand how it works in just 4 simple steps:-

Step 1- Upload a Photo: First, begin by uploading the picture of your choice. 

Step 2- Choose a Tool: Now, after uploading the image, choose a tool that meets your photo editing requirement. There are a variety of tools that perform various functions. 

Step 3- Edit the Image: After selecting the desired tool, apply edits. PicWish employs AI-powered algorithms to edit images automatically. 

Step 4- Get the Image: After editing the image, you are free to download the enhanced version. 

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Advantages of using PicWish

With a multitude of features and benefits, PicWish is a top choice for professionals as well as casual users. Here’s a list of benefits that it provides: 

  • User-Friendly: The best thing about this app is easy to use and suited to usage by all. 
  • Save Time: Let it perform monotonous tasks and devote your precious time to creative aspects. 
  • Optimize Productivity: One super benefit of this app is its capability to complete tasks quickly. 
  • Adaptability: It proves to be flexible for various uses such as marketing, graphic design, e-commerce as well as casual use.
  • Easy Acess: It is easily accessible on various platforms such as Windows, Android, and Web. 

PicWish Pricing

PicWish has 2 versions from which you can choose based on your needs: 

  1. Free Version: This allows you to access basic tools and features suited for everyday use. This is an ideal option if you’re tight on the budget. 
  1. Pro Version: It’s Pro version gives you a little more in terms of features. Some of the tools offered include changing backgrounds and set templates, as well as other advanced editing tools. If you have some money to spare, this option is the best return on investment. For further pricing details, check the website. 

In a Nutshell 

PicWish is a multi-purpose AI-driven app that is easy to use and loaded with top features. It is ideal for anyone who wants high-quality pictures for efficient results.  


Is PicWish safe? 

Yes, it is. PicWish values user privacy which is why the uploaded pictures will not be used elsewhere. 

What sort of API does it contain? 

In all, there are 3 APIs in PicWish namely, Background Removal, object removal, and photo enhancer API. 

What are the various subscription plans?

There are different plans according to several credits. For instance, the starting price is $5.99 for 5 credits per month. There are plans for $13.99, $19.99, $33.99 and $53.99. 

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