Snapchat Planets Meaning and Order Explained 2024

Snapchat is the go-to app among Gen Z for chatting with friends when traveling. The social media app ranks 10th most popular globally; more than 5 billion snaps are created daily. Snapchat Planets is one of the many integrated features of Snapchat, available only to Snapchat Plus users. 

Snapchat Plus can be differentiated from Snapchat in terms of the additional features it provides. These include bitmoji backgrounds, custom app icons, story rewatch indicators, capturing colors, and Friend Solar System. This new feature is available to those who have paid subscriptions with a system of assigning various planets to your close friends based on the degree of proximity.

This ARTICLE explains the function of Snapchat Planets and how it works. I’m sure the details will help stay updated with the latest trends on Snapchat!!

Understanding Snapchat’s Friend Solar System 

A real solar system is centered around the Sun, the largest star, and is known to orbit around the Milky Way Galaxy. All the planets have specific distances between them. Likewise, Snapchat Planets are separated by a certain distance. Each Snapchat Plus user is the Sun of their own Friend’s Solar System. The planet-assigning process goes on for up to 8 best friends. The app decides who is assigned to which planet based on your interaction with them. 

Mercury is your best friend on Snapchat. If someone is your Mercury, you share the most streaks with them. In astrology, Mercury represents communication and is ruled by intelligent aspects. 

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Order of Snapchat Planets 

As we know, each planet on Snapchat holds a special meaning in the list of the individual. All of these planets are assigned a value in the list of your best friends. They follow the same order as in the real Solar System. For example, Venus is the second closest planet in the solar system, and the Snapchat universe is your second closest friend. Neptune corresponds to your eighth best friend. This is your most distant best friend. We will look into the meaning and order of each of the planets in detail. 

Snapchat Planets: Working 

  • For Snapchat Plus users, there is a ‘Best Friends’ badge around their Friendship profile. This badge comes with a gold-colored ring circled it. The gold ring will help you identify they are one of your best friends. 
  • Once you click on the badge, it will reveal which planet you represent in the other person’s Snapchat Planets. 
  • To activate Snapchat Planets, one has to turn it on as it is set to off by default in the beginning. 
  • Click on the Snapchat+ feature management page to choose from On/Off 

Meaning of Snapchat Planets 

Each planet represents your best friend and is symbolized by a unique emoji on Snapchat. The emoji shows the face of your best friend and the planet they are recognized as. While your face is pictured in the Sun. Now, we will look into the meaning of each of the planets chronologically. 


  • The user is the Sun, the brightest star, in their solar system. While the Sun is designated the center of the solar system, other planets revolve around the Sun in their path and are separated by certain degrees from each other.
  • Sun is the powerhouse of the Solar system. 


  • This is the person you exchange the most number of streaks, snaps, and chats with. Your favorite among best friends is recognized as Mercury by Snapchat Plus. As Mercury is the first planet in the solar system, it is assigned the closest to the user on Snapchat Planets. 
  • In the solar system, Mercury is a red fiery planet. Snapchat Plus shows it as a planet with five hearts. 


  • Venus or the second closest planet in the Solar system is recognized by Snapchat as the user’s second closest friend. This ranks after Mercury which is the first closest best friend. 
  • Venus is the third brightest object in the sky with a golden brown appearance.
  • Venus in Snapchat Planets is pictured in light brown with blue, pink, and yellow hearts. 


  • The solar system’s third and the only planet on which there is life is Earth. It is the user’s third closest friend or best friend. 
  • The Earth is picturized as having different continents shown as green land masses while ocean bodies are in blue. Your best friend has four hearts around her. 
  • There are other stylistic features like the moon revolving around the Earth, small stars as well as red hearts. 


  • The Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system, positioned after Earth. Mars is red hot in color and shown as having stars, and purple and blue colored hearts around it.
  • Mars in the solar system is a dry desert-like planet. 


  • Like in the real-time solar system, Jupiter, the fifth planet, ranks as the fifth closest friend. 
  • Jupiter is symbolized by a red and orangish planet with many stars around it. It is the largest planet in the solar system. 


  • Saturn is a planet that has a ring around it. In Snapchat Planets, it is given the sixth spot which corresponds to your sixth closest best friend. 
  • It is picturized as an orange planet. 


  • Uranus is your seventh closest friend on Snapchat. It is shown in a beautiful sea greenish shade with dazzling golden icons around it. 
  • Unlike the other planets like Venus, Saturn has no hearts around it. 


  • Neptune is the farthest planet in the solar system and it is used to denote your eight closest best friends on Snapchat Planets. 
  • It is a planet that has no life in it and is notably grim. 
  • This last planet has come to represent your least talked with best friend. 

Features of Snapchat Planets: The Friend Solar System

  1. Being an exclusive Snapchat Plus member is a prerequisite for using the Snapchat Best Friend Solar System. 
  2. If you have not subscribed, please avail a paid membership to continue the use of Snapchat Friends. 
  3. Once you have SNAPCHAT PLUS, you can see the “Best Friends” badge in gold on each of your friend’s profiles. You can click to view them. 
  4. Now, if someone is your best friend, as reflected by the golden badge, it also implies you are their best friend too. This can be differentiated by a friends badge which implies that you are a part of their friends list but they are not among yours. 
  5. Therefore, badges are like a mirror that shows the exact friendship position in your Friend’s Solar System. 
  6. Moreover, the closeness is designated by the planet’s name. For example, Mercury means the closest friend, and Neptune means the eighth best friend. 
  7. Go to your friend’s profile on Snapchat application
  8. Look for the Best Friends badge which shows what planet you hold in their Best Friend list. 

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How many best friend planets are on Snapchat?

In all, there are eight planets which are denoted to eight of your best friends on Snapchat’s Best Friends List. 

What does 😊 mean on Snapchat?

The smiley emoji represents someone who is your best friend. This will appear next to a user’s name. 

How to see planets on Snapchat?

Clicking on the Snapchat Badge will reveal if you appear in someone’s Best Friend List. Each planet shows a position in its Best Friend List.

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